The GCRF Resilient Silk Route Heritage Network

A transnational network of researchers and practitioners working in different disciplines across Central and South Asia

About the network

The GCRF Network focuses on the role of cities and towns in flows of people and culture, where urban centres both large and small are juncture points, incubators, and preservers, of knowledge and culture. The proposed network speaks to the cities and sustainable infrastructure theme, especially conservation and cultural heritage with the role cities and towns play as constellations of knowledge and culture. Our project aims to build a network of local organizations, academics and institutions in Pakistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan on a regional level to help develop more resilient local economies and more sustainable societies in their shared mountain regions. It will foster inclusive and participatory management of local cultural heritages, including traditional knowledge and practices, as well as through further development of strategic hybrid approaches in assets management (both natural and cultural resources) incorporating both modern and traditional practices and perspectives. We also aim to develop a stronger South-South collaboration and knowledge sharing platform for building lasting networks for communication and future development.

Working Themes

Heritage & Culture?                     
Built Environment                    

Livelihoods & Trade

Landscape Ecology


We are using a creative participatory mediation framework for networking and building partnerships with local communities, actors and stake-holders in our field sites. This involves actors, from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, learning from locals and each other across backgrounds and interests.

CommuniTea sessions

We engage with mountain communities through tea gatherings.

Transect Walks

We walk in the landscapes with communities to better understand the local landscape, ecology and sense of place

Visual Maps

We explore the mountain communities through maps, drawings and moving image.  

Networking events

We connect with like-minded folks to think these mountains mountains together.



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